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Skyline Gift Shop

Explore the Skyline Gift Shop which offers New Zealand-made products, family-friendly toys and more.

Girl shopping looking at T-shirts in the gift shop

Finding that perfect something for the family just got a whole lot easier

Step into the Skyline Queenstown Gift Shop and discover a treasure trove of delights that capture the essence of New Zealand craftsmanship. From cuddly toys and beautiful merino possum knitwear accessories to locally crafted beauty care products, the shop offers a diverse selection of uniquely Kiwi items.

New Zealand crafted products

Toys for the family

New Zealand made products

We have a wide selection of New Zealand made beauty care products, cuddly toys and beautiful merino possum knitwear accessories. All this along with our New Zealand books, tea towels, paua shell jewellery, genuine New Zealand greenstone, confectionery, coaster sets, coffee mugs, shot glasses…the list goes on!