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Queenstown Luge

Come and have a go on the Queenstown Luge - once is never enough!

Once is never enough!

With 1,600 metres of fun, fast-paced freedom, the Skyline Queenstown Luge is a ‘must-do’ activity on your Queenstown holiday. This iconic attraction guarantees an experience filled with thrills and freedom as you navigate the tracks with breathtaking views.

Skyline Queenstown Luge tracks are getting a makeover! Please note that only one track will be open at a time.

Aerial view of the Queenstown luge track

The Arrow Track

The Arrow Track provides a leisurely ride with a gentle gradient, featuring easy bends, tunnels, and dips for a relaxed experience.

Please note that from January through until Easter this track will be closed while it gets a makeover.

The Dart Track

For those seeking more thrill, the Dart Track offers a steeper gradient with banked corners, tunnels, dippers, and cuttings, providing an exhilarating Luge ride through the picturesque landscape.

Please note for safety reasons children under 6 years old or 110cm in height (over the age of 2 years and at least 85cm in height, but no taller than 120cm) will need to ride in tandem with a responsible adult.

Unfortunately, infants cannot ride the Luge or chairlift.

Ready to have some fun?