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Terms & Conditions

Mountain Biking Terms & Conditions

  • Skyline MTB will be open on a limited basis for the duration of the 23/24 season. For more details click here.
  • MTB Season Passes purchased via the instalment option are non-refundable from the date of the first payment.
  • Due to ongoing developments, there will be increased traffic on the Skyline Access Road. Please take extra care at points where bike trails cross the access road.
  • Forestry work in and around the Skyline Gondola and Queenstown Bike Park is scheduled for the duration of the 2023/24 MTB season. Therefore, Gondola access to the bike park may be limited.
  • The Queenstown Bike Park is not owned or operated by Skyline Queenstown. It’s a feature of the Ben Lomond Recreation Reserve (which is managed by Queenstown Lakes District Council). The bike park is available for public use and can be accessed from multiple locations within the reserve. Skyline Queenstown simply provides customers with Gondola assisted access to the reserve.
  • Skyline Queenstown does not patrol the bike park.
  • The number of Gondola cabins used for bike carriage is limited and availability may vary, particularly during Skyline Queenstown’s peak hours (11am-3pm and 5pm-6.30pm).
  • Skyline Queenstown reserves the right to close, suspend, or change, Gondola services and/or bike carriage, operating times, or refuse people entry, at its own discretion.
  • Gondola service and/or bike carriage is likely to be stopped or suspended by Skyline Queenstown whenever the Ben Lomond Recreation Reserve is closed by QLDC (due to high fire risk, bad weather, or other circumstances).
  • The Skyline Queenstown ‘Mountain Bike Pass’ entitles the pass owner (along with one bike) uphill Gondola carriage to the Queenstown Bike Park.
  • The Skyline Queenstown ‘Mountain Bike Pass’ must be presented to Skyline Queenstown staff to validate the pass-holders benefits (basically, no pass = no Gondola ride).
  • Skyline Queenstown reserves the right to review pass-holder benefits and prices.
  • Skyline Queenstown ‘Mountain Bike Passes’ are non-refundable and non-transferable. The only exclusions to this rule apply to pass-holders who also purchased the Skyline MTB Pass Cover (detailed below).
  • All lost passes will incur a replacement fee of $10.
  • Unauthorised use of a Skyline Queenstown ‘Mountain Bike Pass’ will result in the immediate revocation of the pass and may result in prosecution.
  • Skyline Queenstown ‘Mountain Bike Passes’ are only valid for use within the season purchased.
  • The Skyline Queenstown ‘Mountain Bike Season Pass’ is valid from the 23rd of Sept 2023 – 19th May 2024. Please note that bike carriage is subject to limited days of operation. For more details click here.
  • Skyline Queenstown ‘Mountain Bike Passes’ are not valid for commercial use.
  • Bikes must be fully assembled and safe to transport.
  • Wheels must be securely fastened to the bike frame prior to loading the Gondola.
  • Skyline Queenstown takes no responsibility for bikes during carriage.
  • The QLDC-Queenstown Bike Park is not recommended for first-time cyclists. Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous activity, and you may be exposed to some risks. Before riding ensure you are aware of the Queenstown Bike Park Code.
  • Ensure you are physically fit to undertake mountain biking – if you are unsure check with your physician.
  • Appropriate riding attire should always be worn including a helmet, gloves, closed-toe footwear, and suitable clothing.
  • Do not attempt any trails or features unless you have sufficient ability and skill to do so safely. Always ride in control and within your ability level.
  • Skyline Queenstown reserves the right to refuse Gondola entry to any individual who clearly appears unsafe and/or presents obvious risks to themselves or others.
  • Skyline only provides Gondola access to Queenstown Bike Park and does not take responsibility for personal injury or damage to property in the Ben Lomond Recreational Reserve.
  • Riders must ensure cabins are kept clean (dry and free of mud, dirt or litter) for all other Gondola guests.
  • Under no circumstances should the cabin doors be forced open for ventilation; charges will apply for any repairs or maintenance required.
Pass Cover Policy

Pass Cover is your insurance policy for your Skyline MTB Season Pass in the event you sustain an injury or medical condition which prevents you to use your pass for the remaining current season.

A refund percentage is to be calculated based on the use of the pass, outlined in the table below:

Season Pass/ 100 Run Refund

0 Runs (pass not used)100%
1-9 Runs90%
10-25 Runs75%
26-50 Runs50%
51-75 Runs25%
76+ Runs0%


50 Run Refund

0 Runs (pass not used)100%
1-10 Runs75%
11-25 Runs50%
26-37 Runs25%
38+ Runs0%


Refunds only extend to the value of the pass type purchased and do not cover any additional associated expenses. The Pass Cover charge is added to the value of the pass and will not be covered by any refund. Refunds will be made to the credit/ debit card used to purchase the pass and the pass will be cancelled.

To apply for a refund please contact our team at
You may be required to supply a doctor’s note as evidence to support the injury/medical claim.
Skyline Queenstown reserves the right to obtain independent advice to validate any claim.

Refund applications will only be considered during the current season the pass is eligible for. Any applications submitted after April 23rd of the current season will not be processed.

Pass cover can only be added when initially buying the season pass and cannot be added later. Pass cover is only available for season passes.

Refunds will be made in New Zealand Dollars. If you paid by a credit card denominated in a foreign currency, the refund amount in your foreign currency may differ from what you were originally charged due to changes in foreign exchange rates, non-refundable or additional bank or credit card charges, or other factors. Skyline Queenstown will accept no liability for any loss that may be suffered due to these factors in relation to the amount refunded.