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Stargazing Queenstown

Stargazing in Queenstown tours are available daily after dark.​

Journey into the hidden world of the Southern night sky.

Skyline Queenstown’s Stargazing tour is a must-do.

With our awe-inspiring Stargazing tour, only a short Gondola ride from the heart of Queenstown! Please note Stargazing in Queenstown runs from March until October, embracing the cooler winter months when the sky puts on its clearest, most dazzling show. ​There is a minimum age of 6 for Stargazing tours.


On clear nights, our knowledgeable stargazing guides will lead you up Bob’s Peak to a specially-constructed platform high above the Skyline complex, allowing for an unbelievably clear view of the night sky. Away from light pollution, high-powered telescopes reveal stunning sights not visible to the naked eye.

A truly unique and memorable experience.

Some highlights of the tour are:

Learn to navigate using the iconic Southern Cross.

Explore the Milky Way and spot satellites and shooting stars.

Be captivated by the wonders that make up our galaxy while looking at stars, clusters, and nebulae through state-of-the-art 11” Celestron telescopes.

When visible, be amazed by the sight of other planets and galaxies.

End the tour at Stratosfare

After the 60-minute tour (approximately) you’re welcome to stay longer and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine in our Stratosfare Bar.

Each package includes gondola, tour and a beverage at Stratosfare.


Our Stargazing tour is weather dependent.

In case the conditions are unsuitable for the outdoor experience, we will offer you the option to book a tour at a later date (subject to availability) or receive a refund for the experience.