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All you need to know about our history, phases of construction and key dates.

Render image of the new Skyline base building

Phase 3: Finishing up THE BIG CHANGEOVER!

On the memorable evening of 22nd April 2023, the last 4-seat Gondola cabin descended from Bob’s Peak and marked the start of the shutdown allowing for the first phase of The BIG CHANGEOVER.

In Phase 3, our focus is completing the final stages of THE BIG CHANGEOVER and getting ready for our grand opening of the new facilities. While we have reopened there is still ongoing construction

Recap of Phase 2: The BIG CHANGEOVER

Before we delve into Phase 3, let’s take a moment to celebrate the successes of Phase 2. Skyline Queenstown was temporarily closed from April 23rd, 2023, to allow for the construction of the brand-new Gondola the top Gondola terminal building and a new Base Terminal machine hall and back of house. We reopened  on June 29th, 2023, providing our visitors with an elevated and unforgettable experience.

Key milestones of Phase 2:

  • Removed existing Gondola Terminals
  • Removed existing Gondola Towers
  • Completed construction on Base Terminal machine hall and back of house
  • Established temporary ticketing building at Base Terminal
  • Completed construction of top Gondola Terminal building
Gondola image on a clear day

What to Expect in Phase 3

Completing the Base Terminal Ticking Hall 

As you enter the newly constructed Base Terminal machine hall, you will see a hive of activity all around as the construction continues to complete the Ticketing Hall. While this work is in action we have a temporary Ticketing Desk in place.

Finalising the Car Park Construction

Designed to accommodate the growing number of visitors, the multi-storey car park ensures easy access to all the attractions Skyline Queenstown has to offer. 400 carpark spaces will make access to the bottom terminal more accessible to both visitors and staff. No more searching for a spot – a smoother parking experience awaits you!

Brecon Street Land and Streetscaping  

Phase 3 also focuses on enhancing the surrounding environment through the Brecon Street land and streetscaping project. Our commitment to creating an aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian-friendly area remains strong.