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All you need to know about our history, phases of construction and key dates.

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Shaping the Future of Skyline Queenstown

From a simple roadway up Bob’s Peak in the early 1960s to the thriving multi-attraction business that it is today, Skyline Enterprises has a fascinating and fast-paced history.

The first Gondola traveled up Bob’s Peak on November 17, 1967, and we have since welcomed millions of guests. To accommodate the anticipated growth in visitor numbers to Queenstown over the next 50 years and improve the overall guest experience, Skyline Queenstown is embarking on a multi-million-dollar project to upgrade the iconic Queenstown Gondola, and all facilities on Bob’s Peak.

An entirely new Gondola with 10-seat cabins has replaced the 4-seat cabins, that have climbed Bob’s Peak for the last 36 years. The Top and Base Terminals have been replaced, and a major expansion of the restaurant complex will accommodate the anticipated growth in visitor numbers to Queenstown.

Phases of Construction

Discover the intricacies of Project Skyline’s construction journey, divided into four distinct phases. From preparing for “The Big Changeover” to the upcoming “Big Upgrade,” each phase marks a significant milestone in our pursuit of providing an enhanced experience for our visitors.

Project skyline phases of construction


Impacts to Your Visit

Exciting changes are underway at Skyline Queenstown, including a newly installed 10-seat cabin Gondola, upgraded Top and Base Terminals, and an expanded restaurant complex to accommodate more visitors.

While these improvements promise an enhanced experience, visitors should be aware of ongoing construction work that may temporarily impact certain areas.

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