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With so many options,  we've put together all the extra info you might need to plan your visit. If there’s still something you want help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Bike Park Trails

This trail goes down…straight down! Old school and gnarly, raw and rooty. Make sure your brake pads are fresh as you’ll be using them!

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

A challenging single track with plenty of roots and rocks to keep you on your toes. It features some great rock work near the bottom where it merges with Thingymajig.

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 5 Black

Flowy upper section that winds through the forest before dropping onto a fire road – giving you the option of pushing up to Thundergoat, or continuing on to the more technical second section.

Riding time: 1-2 minutes
Grade: 5 Black

This is an awesome flowy technical trail starting from midway clearing. All features have a B-line, and with its mellow gradient, this is a good stepping stone for riders who want to start exploring grade 5 trails.

Riding time: 2 minutes
5 Black

This is a short Rooty link allowing access to Fantrail from Thundergoat.

Riding time: 1 minute
5 Black

Drop garden is a series of short drops with a seriously steep rock roll leading back towards Vertigo. Watch the road crossing on the exit!

Riding time: <2 minutes
Grade: 6 Black

This is the lower third of this double back run that leads you back onto the return trail to the Gondola. Slippery when wet with lots of roots and some muddy, bogged down sections. Scrub the dirt off your back, jump in the Gondola and ‘dirt’ it all again!

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 5 Black

Fundy by name, Fundy by nature. This is a trail that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Tight, steep corners with a few extra features thrown in between. This track’s not for the faint-hearted, but it’s a whole lot of fun!

Riding time: 1-2 minutes
6 Double Black

One of the most technical tracks on the hill, GSD is a track of multiple personalities: a fast upper section leads into a tight, challenging beech forest section, complete with rock gardens, drops and tricky corners.

Riding time: 2-5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

A classic…steep, off-camber and slippy! Lots of gnarly sections to test your skills. The track crosses the Skyline access road halfway down and then splits shortly after. Stay right after the road to stay on Grundy and split left to hit Jeremy’s track which has some cool drops and tight doubles. Both tracks merge onto Original so watch out for passing traffic.

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

Fun, bermed and very fast! A step up from Hammy’s, this track is a great follow on once you’ve had a few runs and are ready for a steeper gradient.

Riding time: 2-5 minutes
Grade: 3 Blue

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we recommend your first run of the day is on Hammy’s. Built specifically for the opening of Gondola access to Queenstown Bike Park as an introduction to downhill riding, Hammy’s track is a great trail for all abilities. The gradient is mellow, it’s wide and smooth and takes in some great views of Ben Lomond and Lake Wakatipu. It’s also the longest trail in Queenstown Bike Park at 6km long!

Riding time: 15-30 minutes
Grade: 2 Green

Following off from World Cup, the Hobbit takes you into stunning beech forest scenery reminiscent of the scenes found in “The Hobbit” movie. Lots of rocks and drops and a riding experience you will not forget.

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

If you came for jumps, you will find them on Huck Yeah. You will find 9 jumps in a row ranging from 30 to 50ft. To enter the trail, you will need to negotiate a medium-sized drop. This is a good indication of whether or not you are up to the challenge of Huck Yeah.

Riding time: 1 minute
5 Black

Looking for a fast, flowing technical black trail? Look no further than ‘I’m a Shreddin.‘ Full of swooping corners and fast line riddled straights, this trail is a real crowd-pleaser.

Riding time: 1-2 minutes
5 Black

Named after the tracks creator, Jeremy’s is a steep trail which takes you on an adventure into the mind of a local trail building legend.

Riding time: 1-2 minutes
 6 Double Black

Rooty and off-camber, Jungle Adventure provides an alternative route off Single Track Sandwich. A huge variety of line choices mean that this track rides differently every time. Word to the wise: Jungle Adventure is a seriously challenging ride in the wet!

Riding time: 2-4 minutes
Grade: 5 Black

If Canadian style rock rolls and chutes are what you’re after, Killer Bee is the trail for you. It starts with a mellow traverse, but don’t get comfortable as it quickly drops away, taking you down the fall line of the hill and finishing with a big natural rock roll, which is the sting in this Killer Bee’s tail.

Riding time: 2-3 minutes
6 Double Black

A slippery, steep track, which will give your brake pads a workout.

Riding time: <2 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

The original entrance to Vertigo, Lazy lets you bypass the climb up to Hammy’s and drops into a fast straight alongside the Zip-Trek line. A few little drops and a steep rocky corner leads you into a series of rollers before crossing the road and rejoining Vertigo. It also allows access to the double black trail World Cup.

Riding time: <2 minutes
Grade: 3 Blue

As the name suggests, it was one of the first trails ever built in Queenstown Bike Park. However it has had a few facelifts over years, now making it the bike parks go to jump trail. With back to back berms leading into numerous sized and shaped jumps. This track is perfect for all riders looking to take their skills to the next level. At the end of the trail you have the option to either join back onto Thundergoat or turn right and tackle the “Whoops”

Riding time: 5-10 minutes
Grade: 3 Blue

This short trail links Fantrail to the bottom of Killer Bee, however, don’t let the length of this trail fool you. Along the way, you’ll find 3 different style gap jumps which will test your nerves and your skills.

Riding time: 1 minute
6 Double Black

This is a short off-shoot track from Vertigo. Rock Garden is as it sounds, a rock garden with a few drops and tight turns to mix it up.

Riding time: <2 minutes
Grade: 5 Black

You’ll find Shikaka positioned smack bang between the entrances to World cup and Lazy Vertigo. With plenty of lines to negotiate, and a handful and rocks and roots. Shikaka is a good warm-up for the next step of double black diamond trails.

Riding time: 2 minutes
5 Black

A local favourite! Built by the mighty Alliance in 2009, originally known as ‘Turd Sandwich’ due to unfortunate timing of a toilet call on an exploratory scope of a line by an Alliance member. Renamed Single Track Sandwich for the Queenstown Bike Park, it is an old school trail with lots of roots with fantastic turns and flow. Watch out for the ‘western roll’ which more often than not is rutted and muddy, but heaps of fun.

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 4 Blue

Tight and technical, Slippery Ninja will keep you on your toes. A tight rocky entrance leads to a series of challenging chutes, before splitting into two. Traverse on to the midway clearing, or drop to the right for a steeper line on to Fernhill Loop.

Riding time: 4-6 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

Sweet singletrack, some steeper sections, optional drops and awesome turns…Thingymajig has a bit of everything. Whip it wide on the final tabletop to impress everyone at the mid-way clearing.

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 4 Blue

This green trail starts from the mid-way clearing and swoops its way down the hill. Wide and flowing with an epic vista of big berms, Lake Wakatipu and the mighty Remarkables. The trail drops out of the open and back into the trees, before sending riders straight back to the Gondola terminal to do it all again.

Riding time: 5-10 minutes
Grade: 2 Green

Custom built by Vertigo Bikes owner Tim Ceci in the mid-’90s, specifically to run guided mountain biking trips before Gondola access opened. Around 1.5km long, it’s a machine built trail with nice and wide but steeper and rougher terrain than Hammy’s. Starting from the summit of the Gondola and stretching through to the mid-way clearing, it also features a lot of rollers and small jumps to build your skills.

Riding time: 5-10 minutes
Grade: 3 Blue

The entrance is off Lazy Vertigo, taking you into the most challenging line on the hill. World Cup features extreme freeride terrain and is recommended for experienced riders only. With drops, gap jumps and steep technical riding, World Cup is the beginning of a series of trails that are sure to test your limits.

Riding time: <5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black


No, Skyline Queenstown is an entirely Smoke-Free premises.


Please visit our open hours page to see current opening dates and times.


Unfortunately not. The Skyline access road is only accessible to commercial vehicles and is not accessible to the public.


Take a look at our trade information. Kindly note that starting an account does require significant processing time and procedures. All bookings made prior to an activated account will be on regular retail rates.

Yes, there is an option to hike the Tiki Trail up to the Skyline complex. The Tiki Trail starts at the Gondola base and ends at the Skyline complex. It is a moderate hike and requires a good level of fitness. The walk time is an estimated 45 – 65 minutes one-way depending on your level of fitness.


Parking on Brecon Street and near Skyline Queenstown is currently unavailable. Please allow sufficient time to find parking before your booking.

If you have a Mobility Parking Permit, once you have made a booking please contact us here or call +64 3 441 0101 to arrange access to the Base Terminal drop-off zone.

There are several parking options around Queenstown town centre, the closest ones being Wilson Parking and Man Street Public Carpark, both located on Man Street, near the bottom of Brecon Street.

Large campervans can be parked at the Boundary Street Carpark, where there are 33 dedicated parks for large vehicles. Please be aware that campervans are prohibited from parking in the Queenstown CBD and could face an infringement fee of $40-$60 if parked incorrectly.

For further information on parking in Queenstown, please visit the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) website here.


Yes, if the pram/stroller is foldable, our Gondola operators are able to assist with folding it and placing it in the Gondola before you. Alternatively, you are welcome to leave your pram/stroller by our Gondola base berth and collect it once you have completed your Skyline activities. Due to the scaffolding prams cannot easily access the Luge or outside areas.

Each Gondola ticket gives you a return trip (one way up to the Skyline complex, and one way down from the Skyline complex). If you wish to do multiple trips, you will need multiple Gondola tickets.

If you are an Otago or Southland resident, we recommend purchasing a Gondola Annual Pass, which will give you unlimited Gondola access for one year.

No, Gondolas run consistently during normal open hours.

  • Unlimited Gondola rides for cardholders (Skyline Queenstown & Skyline Rotorua).
  • 1 Free Child Gondola Annual Pass when you buy an Adult or Senior Annual Pass.
  • Luge Licence. This means you can:
    • Buy $8 Adult and $6 Child Luge rides on-site, every day.
    • Skip Luge instruction once you have your sticker.
    • Free Future Luge Rider tickets (any child accompanying an adult Luge ticket holder in tandem. Normally $5 per child).
  • 20% off:
    • Market Kitchen Café food & beverages.
    • Luge photos.
    • Stargazing only prices.
    • Mountain Biking passes during the season (excludes Season and Ride passes).
    • Gift Shop purchases (selected items only – see Terms & Conditions for details).
  • Exclusive dining prices at Stratosfare Restaurant
    • Dinner
      • Adult: $79
      • Child: $59
      • Senior: $59
      • Family of 4: $276
      • Family of 5: $335
    • Lunch
      • Adult: $72
      • Child: $50.40
      • Senior: $50.40
      • Family of 4: $244.80
      • Family of 5: $295.20
  • Gondola photo pack for the discounted price of $20.
  • Friends & family will also receive 20% off combo package price when accompanying a cardholder (selected packages only – see Terms & Conditions for details).
  • Skyline Queenstown Gondola Annual Pass holders are entitled to free Gondola rides at Skyline Rotorua.

The Skyline complex is wheelchair-friendly, and we often welcome guests in wheelchairs or with any other special requirements. We will always ensure they are fully supported and catered for. We are able to slow or even stop the Gondolas if needed.

Our 10-seat Gondola cabins have level loading, allowing wheelchairs to roll straight into the cabin from the loading zone.

Unfortunately, the walking tracks outside the complex and the Moonlight Theatre are not wheelchair accessible.

Family 2+2 includes 2 adults and 2 children.

Family 2+3 includes 2 adults and 3 children.

A child is 6-14 years of age, an adult is 15+

The Gondola can fit up to 10 adults. Our Gondola operators will advise the best capacity fit if you have children when boarding.


No. The Luge tracks will not take you down to the Gondola base. You will complete all Luge rides at the end of the Luge track which is at the Skyline complex. Once all Luge rides and other activities are completed, you can then take the Gondola back down to the base.

Guided Walks

No, our Guided Walks usually operate from the 1st of October to the 30th of April.


For the Ben Lomond Saddle walk, we recommend guests are comfortable walking up to 4 hours, covering 8 kilometres with an elevation gain of 536 metres (1,759 feet).

For the Ben Lomond Summit walk, we recommend guests are comfortable walking up to 6 hours, covering 11 kilometres with an elevation gain of 958 metres (3,143 feet).

We recommend guests bring:

  • Walking boots or sturdy walking shoes 
  • A thermal base layer 
  • Shorts and/or walking pants 
  • A waterproof jacket 
  • A fleece layer (for relaxing at the Saddle and Summit) 
  • A hat (for sun protection, and warmth on a cold day)
  • At least 2 litres of water 
  • A small backpack for food and water, and additional clothing layers
  • Any personal medication you may require in this timeframe
  • Return Gondola ride
  • A packed lunch of your choice, prepared by Skyline’s Market Kitchen Cafe
  • Hiking poles
  • Guides

If Skyline cancels the tour:

Tours operate in all weather (within the season of October to April) – however, Skyline reserves the right to cancel the tour in the case of adverse weather – including but not limited to excessive wind, snow, rain, and electrical storms.

I’m booked and want to cancel:

  • Contact our reservations team as soon as possible
  • Guests who wish to cancel their tour more than 24 hours before the tour start time will receive a 100% refund.
  • Guests cancelling within 24 hours of the tour start time will not receive a refund.

From the Skyline Queenstown complex on Bob’s Peak to the Ben Lomond Saddle, the trail is wide, well maintained with a constant uphill gradient. For most of this stretch of trail, walkers can mostly travel 2 abreast.

From the Ben Lomond Saddle to the Ben Lomond Summit the trail narrows, becoming single-file and slower walking. While this section of trail is more technical than the Saddle walk, guests of all ages and abilities can complete the journey to the summit. Our guides will be alongside you for the journey, so you can take your own pace and there’s no pressure to reach the summit if you don’t feel up to it on the day.

Each tour begins with a briefing at the Skyline top terminal (see FAQ “Where does the tour start?”).

The briefing will begin 30 minutes after the Gondola opens, therefore we recommend catching the Gondola at opening time.

See our open hours here.

Both the Ben Lomond Summit and Ben Lomond Saddle Guided Walks begin with a briefing in the Snug, which is a lounge area near the Stratosfare Bar at the Skyline Queenstown Top Complex.

After taking a Gondola ride up Bob’s Peak, enter through 2 sets of automatic doors then turn right. The meeting point will be clearly marked by a set of banners, and your guides will be there to greet you.

Here at Skyline Queenstown, we’ve always prided ourselves in being pioneers in New Zealand’s Tourism and Hospitality sector. For over 50 years now we’ve welcomed tens of millions of travellers from all over the world, and through creating world-class experiences we hope to remain New Zealand’s #1 Tourist Attraction for the next 50 years.

Our dedication to safety is world-class, and our people are our family. Our guides are expertly trained in mountain safety, and with decades of guiding experience, you can rest assured they’re approachable, honest and compassionate to your ability. It’s one thing to walk to the top of the mountain, but Skyline Guided Walks ensure you get there safely while experiencing a deeper connection to our natural environment, history, and while stepping outside your comfort zone with other like-minded travellers, you’re likely to make a friend or two along the way.

Skyline Guided Walks has Adventure Mark accreditation and is recognized as an official operator on New Zealand’s Department of Conservation reserves.


Pre-schoolers under 2 years of age and anyone less than 85cm tall are not permitted to ride the Chairlift or Luge.

Pre-schoolers older than 2 years of age, taller than 85cm, and no taller than 120cm can ride the Luge in tandem with an adult aged 15+ years at a cost of $5.

Luge rides on a single ticket cannot be split over different days.

Yes, you can purchase extra Luge rides from the top of the Gondola.


Due to the number of photos taken daily, we are unable to recover photos once you leave the complex. Photos must be purchased at the Luge or the base of the Gondola on the day.

Yes, there are no footwear requirements for the Luge other than wearing some footwear, whichever you prefer.

Please note that it is a safety requirement that you must keep your feet in the Luge cart at all times, unless it is completely stopped.

The Luge is open to people of all ages and abilities. At the Luge Supervisor’s discretion, our Luge team will assist in any way we can to enable a guest with a disability to enjoy the Luge experience. Please ask a staff member for assistance.


Yes, it is highly recommended to reserve a spot on the Stargazing tour you wish to attend.

Check availability and buy your tickets here.

We offer reduced child rates for those aged between 6 and 14 years old.

Children 5 years old and under can go on the tour free of charge (please note, the tour is not recommended for small children due to cold temperatures).

Our Stargazing guides keep a close eye on the weather and will make a decision during the day to run the tour or not. If weather conditions are unsuitable to run the tour, you will have the option to:

  • Re-book for another date where space is available.
  • Take a full refund for the Stargazing tour.

We are currently running our English speaking tours only.


We provide complimentary use of the world’s leading extreme outerwear, Canada Goose down jackets. Even so, come dressed for a light walk and for being outside. We’re in an alpine location and the tour is over 750 metres above sea level, so warm clothing, comfortable walking shoes, hat and gloves are highly recommended.

Unfortunately, in Queenstown’s alpine environment, we can expect ever-changing and unpredictable weather throughout the year. Your tour guide will made the decision to run the Stargazing Tour on the day of the tour. If conditions are deemed unsuitable, you will be contacted to re-book or get a refund for your Stargazing Tour.